Update | March 14th 2019

Hi everyone!

Firstly, many apologies for the radio silence. The farm team have been busy and we have a few updates for you.

1.) Planning permission and the bats! We have now completed our bat survey and the ecology report has come back with some recommendations. The good news is the café should not impact any bats that are roosting in the farm buildings so this should not be a stumbling block for planning.  We’ve submitted the report to the Barnet planning department and we’re waiting to hear back about next steps. Hopefully, we will get permission in the next few weeks.

2.) Pledges: Most of you will have received email notifications from Spacehive over the last few weeks saying that they have deducted your pledges through PayPal and GoCardless. We know there are a few outstanding payments but most of the money should have been collected by now. The Farm Project has not received any of the monies yet as GoCardless and Paypal hold onto the pledges until planning permission has been granted. Once permission has been received the money will be transferred across to us and we can start to make headway in terms of commissioning a construction partner and buying materials. We will of course keep you posted on how things progress.

3.) Good Growth Fund. You may be interested to know, that we are in the process of commissioning a consultant to develop a feasibility study and strategic delivery plan for the wider farm site. This is being funded by the Mayor of London Good Growth Funding. This is a very important piece of work and will help build the case for our plans for the rest of the farm buildings. We will send you updates on this as and when we have them.

4.) Farm Garden: The garden is going from strength to strength and any of you have visited recently will have seen that we have made great progress with a new seating area and pergola and the spring bulbs are starting to bloom (see attached photo). We’re open most Mondays 10-11am, Fridays, 9-11am (we have school groups between 11am-2.30pm) and Saturdays 10am-1pm. But please check social media (links below) for latest updates. We are always looking for new people who want to join the garden team so please email patrick (@) clitterhouse dot com if you’d like to find out how you can get involved.

5.) Existing café: As we are still waiting for planning permission to come through before we can begin construction on our expanded café, we have decided to temporarily reopen the existing café every Saturday from April onwards. If you are keen to support the running of café, either by becoming a trained barista, by donating home-baked goodies or have another skill to offer then please email Paulette on    That’s all for now. We’ll endeavour to send out more regular updates and hopefully our next message will be telling you that planning permission has been approved. Thanks again for all your support and generosity. The Farm Team.


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Update | Jan 30th 2019

A belated happy new year to you all! We hope you all had a restful break over Christmas. The Farm Team have been working behind the scenes on our next steps. We are currently awaiting for planning permission from Barnet Council. This is taking a bit longer than expected as we had to revise some drawings and we need to wait for the results of an ecologist’s report on bats which are known to use some of the farm buildings as a home. We expect to hear back from the planning department in late February to early March. Once we have planning approval and lease arrangements with Barnet in place we will draw down the crowdfund pledges from Spacehive. Please note: Spacehive may withdraw money from pledgers bank accounts in early February but will hold the monies in their account until we have planning etc formally in place.

We have already begun the construction planning process, and all going well, we are aiming for a late spring 2019 build to be ready to open later this summer. We will of course update you with a more specific timeline when this is in place.

We want to involve as many people from our community in this process as possible and hope that you will come along and get involved. We are looking to work with a builder who will provide opportunities for people to get training where possible – such as timber frame building, electrics, plumbing, roofing amongst others. We will need lots of help and support beyond just building skills, so if you would like to help us, but are not sure how to get involved please contact us on 

While we are going through the planning and building process we are still keeping an active presence on site. We are making great progress in our farm garden and are always looking for help and to see new and familiar faces – we are there most Fridays and Saturday mornings. Keep any eye on our social media and on our website for updates of events and activities taking place (links below).

We would like again to take this opportunity to show our deepest gratitude to our community for helping to make this all possible. 2019 promises to be a very exciting year for the Clitterhouse Farm Project.

Thank You

The Farm Team

UPDATE – 17th December 2018

We hit our crowdfund target! 🎉Thank you to everyone who has helped make this happen, for your generous pledges and your hard work & encouragement along the way! We’ve been humbled by all the support. 2019 will be an exciting year at the Farm!

Our crowdfund page remains open for pledges for another 30 days. Please continue to support us as every pound will be used to deliver a great space for our community to enjoy. Thank you!




With your help, we successfully proved our case to the Mayor of London and unlocked the highest value pledge of £50,000!! We have been humbled by all of your support and we would not have got this far without all of your pledges and for helping us to spread the word! With this incredible pledge we are a lot closer to reaching our target, but…


We only have until 17th December to raise a lot of money, so we need you all to keep getting the word out there about our crowdfund and encouraging friends, family and local businesses to support us.


If we don’t reach our target, you will not be charged and we won’t receive any of the money. 


Watch our short video below to find out why we are crowdfunding…


Our successful volunteer-run community cafe at Clitterhouse Farm is too small and no longer fit for purpose. We are crowdfunding to raise the money we need to demolish and rebuild a new and much larger multi-use space. The expanded area will provide a valuable indoor space and play a central role in our ability to connect with and work alongside our community, where we can host events, meetings and workshops throughout the year. We want our cafe to be a valuable social hub that will help us to build a broader base of community support for the wider project. Alongside the cafe expansion, we plan to refurbish a portion of the farm barn to create three large workshop spaces which will be made available for rent by local enterprise. The workshops will also act as educational facilities where we will run classes and workshops – giving arts and crafts professionals an affordable space, an opportunity to learn new skills, and develop their business and to benefit our local community. Throughout the construction we hope to give local people the chance to get involved in the construction as much as possible, providing opportunities for learning new skills and also to develop a sense of collective ownership and pride over the new spaces.



PLEASE NOTE: If you don’t choose the PayPal option, the Spacehive system may ask you to set up a direct debit, but don’t worry it’s only for a one-off payment and pledges will only be charged to your bank account if the project hits its funding goal. 

What we’ll deliver:

  • An upgraded and enlarged community cafe
  • Buy & install the catering equipment we need
  • Three multi-use workshop spaces for local enterprise

Why it’s a great idea:

The Farm sits within the major Brent Cross Cricklewood regeneration. The development has been in the pipeline for many years but has yet to break ground. Years of delays have caused widespread regeneration blight & there has been little to no investment in local infrastructure or community facilities. Our project currently provides a much-needed positive focal point for our community & will continue to so during and after the regeneration. Our community engagement to date shows a high demand for informal meeting places & affordable shared workshops, workspaces & offices. Our volunteer-run cafe has successfully filled some of this demand but we need a bigger space & improved facilities to make a bigger positive impact. A growing & increasingly diverse local community is eager to access such a space – where they can meet & connect, share stories, build relationships, learn new skills & create the community fabric that will build long term resilience in a time of great local change.

Steps to get it done:

  • Ongoing: community engagement
  • Autumn 2018: Planning permission granted
  • Winter 2018: Existing cafe space demolished and site cleared
  • Spring 2019: Cafe workspace built
  • Spring 2018: Workshops stripped and cleaned
  • Spring 2019: Workshops fitted out
  • Summer 2019: Workshops rented
  • Summer 2019: Cafe opened